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VISA Processing


Foreigners (You) who intend to legalise their stay in EU to starting or continuing work in Poland should apply for a temporary residence and work permit (Max period of Stay 3Yrs)

  • Document Verification
  • Contract signing and payment
  • On your behalf, we apply for the Limited Liability Company (LLC) Registration Being the founder of the company, you will get a work permit, the temporary residence card(TRC) with an initial tenure of 8 months and subsequent extension of 12 months (Takes about 40 days)
  • Sending the LLC registration documents to clients
  • Assistance in filing of application for Visa
  • Arranging arrival of clients
  • Starting with filing for TRC

TRC and Work Permits:

TRC includes the following documents;

  • Health insurance
  • Documents confirming that the foreigner has a source of stable, regular income sufficient to cover their own living costs and those of family members supported by them
  • Guaranteed place of residence
  • Labour market test / Exemption from the obligation to have a work permit
  • An employment contract or civil law agreement entered into with the employer
  • A Tax declaration filed with the tax office
  • A certificate of discharge of fiscal obligations issued by the tax office with jurisdiction over the foreigner’s place of residence (Certificate of no arrears in payment of taxes).