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KCS Automations

Industrial Automation

KCS Automations works with companies throughout the industry, from product manufacturers, to system integrators and industrial users. We provide hardware and software design services for industrial systems. We also develop hardware and software for communication, measurement, control and automation of key systems.

From board layout to complete system integration, our team of experts can provide the hardware system you need. Complete layout systems are available for board manufacturers, including: Communication Cards, Digital I/O Cards, D/A Cards or complete single board computers.

We can work with you to create a complete automated hardware and software system, using off-the-shelf components or custom hardware that meets your requirements. We can customize services for your exact specifications or recommend components for your unique situation. We can create control applications for your system and even implement custom protocol drivers as necessary.

Whether you need to implement a unique interface for your device driver, or simple exposure of basic hardware functionality for a single card, KCS offers a cost effective solution.