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KCS Automations

Residential Automation

Visualize about your private home looking after itself! consider superior consolation, progressed convenience, strong security and smart electricity control

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Commercial Automation

Reduction of operating costs, Absolute safety and power management through optimizing strength usage thereby growing profitability is the essence of the sustainability

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Commercial Automation

Safety answer for clever HomesFor any home, protection is a top consideration. With incidents of residence breaking and housebreaking at the upward

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Home at your fingertips

Comfort at home and convenience when away; inoho lets you access your home from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Wake up like a king

The fan turns off, the geyser switches on & the coffee starts brewing, it's time to wake up. Inoho will make your mornings stress free.

Leave home carefree

Left your A/C on? Don't fret. Inoho has you covered. Switch off your devices while on the move with your smartphone